Worn Out Singles? Do You Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at 11:27 am , By C Plus Roofing

Shingles are often the first thing you notice that wears out on your roof. They are visible and on the outer surface of your entire roofing structure. How they are worn out can be just as important as if they are worn out. Depending on their current condition, a simple repair job may be in order. Or, you may need a roof replacement.


Here we outline some of the most common types of worn out shingles and if they signal the need for a roof repair or replacement:

Missing shingles

Entire shingles or sections of shingles can blow off of your roof during storms. If you notice you are missing shingles, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a roof replacement. In most cases, a simple repair job will do the trick. But, if you notice shingles continue to fall off, then you may need a complete replacement because there may be additional issues.

Cracked shingle

Cracked shingles are also common. This is usually a result of wind and storm damage. Again, if only a few are cracked or curled, you can simply have them replaced. But, if you notice cracked shingles across your roof, you may need a replacement.

Worn off granules

Granules are the sandpaper type material that is on the outer layer of the shingles. These help protect your roof from the sun. If you notice the granules wearing off you may or may not need a roof replacement depending on the age of your roof.

Shingles covered in moss

Many homeowners get really concerned when they see moss growing on their shingles. This is actually really common and there is no need to worry. If you don’t like the look, you can wash it off with a water and bleach solution. Never use a power washer on your roof. You could cause damage to your shingles that could result in needing a re-shingling of your entire roof.

Other factors to consider

Worn out shingles are common. Depending on their condition, a roof replacement may or may not be needed. Once way to tell if you need a replacement is if other areas of your roof have issues.

Check your roof from the inside to see if there is damage to the roof structure. If you notice your roof sagging or the presence of water, you’ll need a replacement.

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