How To Pick The Right Shingle Colours For Your Roofing Project

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 10:27 pm , By C Plus Roofing

Choosing the right roofing solution is important. However, today, you’ve never had more options to choose from when planning a roofing project. Advances in roofing and roofing materials have provided you with countless things to consider. One area in particular, an aspect that often gets overlooked in terms of importance, is shingle colours.

Your shingle colour has an impact on the look and performance of your roof. With the average shingle roof lasting about 20 years (give or take) choosing the shingle colour has a long term impact on your home. Here we’ve put together a shortlist of key considerations and tips to pick the right shingle colours for your roofing project:

Match And Compliment Your Home Design

Your home design, look, size, and the colour scheme used will all have an effect on the shingle colour you should select. Your roof makes up a large part of your home exterior. Ideally, you want to choose a shingle colour that will complement or even contrast your home design. Shingle colours can be used to contrast siding, brick, and other materials used to construct your home. You can choose a colour that pops or has a more traditional look.

Take A Walk

Not sure what shingle colour will best match your home design? Take a walk. What are other homeowners in your neighbourhood using? Walk around your neighbourhood and check out the colour other homes are using. The odds are there will be a similar home model in your area. Pay attention to the shingle colours they use and see if the colour matches your ideas.

Stand Out Or Blend In?

Today, there has never been more shingle colour options. Do you want to be that home that stands out, or do you want to blend in with other homes on your street? Your colour options are extensive and you can choose almost any colour you want. The colour you choose can make your roof look larger or smaller depending on your selection.

Choose A Top Shingle Manufacturer

While colour is an important consideration, it’s most important to choose a reliable shingle brand. Even if they may not have your exact colour preference, choosing a durable and reliable shingle that will give you the most value and protect your home is most important.

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