6 Reasons Why It’s Best to Replace Your Roof at the Start of the GTA’s Roofing Season

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 11:51 am , By C Plus Roofing

Are you thinking about planning a roof replacement project in the near future? While now is always the best time for a roof replacement, especially if you have an older roof, there are a number of great advantages to getting your roof replaced in the spring.


Here are 6 reasons why it’s best to replace your roof at the start of the GTA’s roofing season:

Get It Over With

There is something to be said for being proactive and simply wanting to get the project over with. Booking earlier in the roofing season allows you to get your roof replaced, gives you peace of mind, and allows you to enjoy your summer without having to worry about doing your roof.

Cracked shingle

Cracked shingles are also common. This is usually a result of wind and storm damage. Again, if only a few are cracked or curled, you can simply have them replaced. But, if you notice cracked shingles across your roof, you may need a replacement.

Reduce the Odds Of Roof Damage

Taking the initiative and replacing your roof at the beginning of the roofing season in the GTA ensures that you take care of any issues that arise over the winter. If you have an older roof or have existing issues, replacing your roof at the beginning of the season reduces the odds of you experiencing significant roof damage, especially from spring storms and rainfall.

Improve Energy Efficiency Before Summer Heat

Roof leaks and vulnerabilities can affect many different areas of your home. One area in particular is your home efficiency. Replacing your roof at the beginning of the spring allows you to correct energy efficiency issue related to your roof before it gets too hot out during the summer.

It’s Not As Busy as Summer and Fall

Spring is generally a great time to contact roofing companies because they have better availability. You will have more time to plan your project and you will be able to choose an installation date that is better suited to your schedule. You can address your roofing needs at a time that is convenient for you and there is less likely going to be a scheduling delay. You will have no trouble booking a roof repair job.

You Plan To Sell Your Home

If you plan to sell your home, replacing your roof will make it more appealing to buyers. It will also increase your home value.

You Have Time To Address Unforeseen Issues

You never know for sure what you are going to find until your old shingles are removed. If unforeseen issues are found with your roof, or other areas of your home, you will have all spring, summer, and fall to create a plan and address the issues.

Be Proactive With Roofing Maintenance

Even if you are not planning to get your roof replaced, having your roof inspected during the spring is important for preventative maintenance. This can help you identify and repair issues before they become more expensive problems.

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