3 Essential Tips for Helping Your Home Survive a Roof Leak

Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 9:37 am , By C Plus Roofing

Roof leaks are common. They happen all the time to all types of homes. Naturally, you don’t want it to happen to yours – a major reason we suggest regular roof inspections.

While most roof leaks are obvious, they occur directly after a storm or are a result of wind damage, there are instances when roof leaks exist without homeowners even knowing it.


The truth is most roof leaks are undetected until it is too late – when you find evidence of water penetration inside of your home. At this point, the leak has existed for some time and damage could be extensive. It could have also spread to multiple areas of your home.

This is particularly the case with older roofs. They are more prone to roof leaks, especially those that are in need of a re-shingling or replacement. But roof leaks can also happen on new homes or recently replaced roofs if the workmanship is not up to par.

To help homeowners manage this stressful and undesirable situation, we have put together a list of 3 essential tips to help you survive a roof leak:

Be Proactive

Being proactive and dealing with the roof leak as soon as you identify it is vital. If left unattended, it will only cause more damage to your home and potentially create more issues. Roof leaks can lead to attic and ceiling damage, cause mold and mildew to grow and affect indoor air quality, pose a threat to electrical wiring, and it will also make your home less efficient.

Be ready to address a roof leak right away. Spend some time and research what to do when you find a leak and how to address it before you can get a professional to take a look.

Leave It To The Professionals

Speaking of professionals, its best to have a professional roofing company assess your roof leak before choosing a course of action. The issue could be minor and require small repairs or it could be extensive and require a roof replacement. Always get a professional opinion before taking action.

Be Financially Prepared

A roof leak could be an expensive repair job. Therefore, it’s important for homeowners to be prepared financially for roofing and all other types of home issues. Having an emergency home fund and know what type of roofing damage and leaks are and are not covered under your home insurance plan allows you to be financially prepared for these types of situations.

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