The Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at 8:12 am , By C Plus Roofing

The use of solar panels in residential homes and buildings is on the rise. Costs are coming down and access to this technology is more wide spread. As a result, there are many homeowners in Canada who are now considering installing solar panels on their roof. Like many other home modifications, there are pros and cons.

Here we outline some of the pros and the cons of installing solar panels on your roof.

The Pros Of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

There are a number of advantages to installing solar panels on your roof. They include:

  • Reduce energy bill: This is the big one. Since solar panels will generate energy for your home, it will drastically reduce your energy bills. Depending on how many panels you install, you may be able to generate enough energy to take your home off the grid and actually generate a surplus of energy you can sell back to the grid.
  • Increase home value: Installing solar panels will immediately increase the overall value of your home. If you plan to sell your home, you will be able to list it at a higher rate and recover some of your initial investment.
  • Low maintenance: Contrary to what many people assume, solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance. You will need to clean them a few times per year or you can hire a company to clean and maintain them for you.

The Cons of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

There are a number of disadvantages to installing solar panels on your roof. They include:

  • Initial cost: The initial cost of investing in solar panels and installing them on your roof can be steep. Some of these upfront costs may be covered under government energy programs. It can also take some time to recover your initial investment.
  • Space: Solar panels can take up a lot of space. Not all roofs are ideal for housing solar panels and some modifications may be required. If your roof is too small, you may need to add solar panels in your backyard as well.
  • Potential roofing issues: Any time you add something to your roof or make modifications, you could create potential issues. Solar panels could add extra weight and place more pressure on your roof. Attaching solar panels create potentially new areas for water to get into your roofing structure.

If you are thinking about installing solar panels on your roof and would like to discuss your options, please give us a call to book a free consultation. We’d be happy to assess your homes fit for solar panels.

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