5 Signs Your Roof Has Been Damaged By Unpredictable Fall Weather

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 at 7:26 am , By C Plus Roofing

We all know how unpredictable weather can be. Recent weather events were a sombre reminder of the power of Mother Nature and what it’s capable of. Therefore, it is important to check your roof regularly, especially after a big storm. Even if you didn’t hear anything, damage could occur. Failure to check it out could lead to bigger and more expensive issues in the future.

To help you know what to look for, we’ve put together 5 signs your roof has been damaged. Look for these signs when inspecting your roof after a storm or poor fall weather:

  • Other homes have damage If you notice that other homes in your neighborhood have roof damage, then you need to check your roof. It’s a key sign that you may have damage to your roof as well, especially if there is damage to your next door neighbor’s home. Even if you can’t see anything from the ground, further inspection is required and should be done as soon as possible. If you are not comfortable checking your roof, give us a call to come out and take a look. We will happily take a look for you.
  • Missing shingles One of the most common signs of weather damage is missing shingles. They are an obvious sign that some damage, even if minimal, is present. Strong winds can loosen shingles and cause them to detach. In some cases it may be a few, in other cases, it could be an entire section. If you notice any missing or damaged, it could mean there is also damage to other areas. Missing or damaged shingles provides an opening for water to get into your roof and home. Have it addressed right away.
  • Roof leaks If leaks appear in the days or weeks following a storm, it usually means your roof has damage. If water can get in through the roof, it is compromised and needs to be fixed immediately. The presence of mold, brown spots on your ceiling and visible drips of water or moisture are all signs you may have a roof leak.
  • Noise Notice some odd noises coming from the attic or the roof? Did you hear some noises during a storm that you never heard before? These noises could be a sign that your roof was damaged. It’s at least worth inspecting, even if you don’t see anything from the ground. Don’t forget to check your roof from the inside as well. Sometimes issues can only be seen from inside of your home.
  • Gutter issues Your gutter is an important place to look when inspecting your roof. In addition to checking for damage, look for the presence of roofing materials and other debris from your roof. If your gutters are damaged, they cannot effectively help remove water from the roof, which can lead to a water damage issue in the future.

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