3 Common Roof Leak Locations & How to Prevent Them

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 5:50 am , By C Plus Roofing

Roof leaks happen, especially if you have an older home and have not replaced your roof recently. While a leak could conceivably happen anywhere on your roof, there are certain areas where roof leaks are more likely to occur than others. Therefore, it’s important to pay some/more attention to these areas to ensure a leak doesn’t happen.

Common Roof Leak Locations

3 Common Roof Leak Locations

1. Around the Chimney

Chimneys are leak magnets. They are perhaps the most common area where leaks develop in old and new roofs. Leaks happen in this area for a variety of reasons such as flashing issues, old caulk, cracks in the caps and even issues with the roofing sealant.

  • How To Prevent The Leak: Use only high quality flashing, caulk, and roofing materials. Check for leaks regularly and get them addressed by a professional.

2. Skylights

Skylights are a beautiful feature to have in your home. They add more natural light and can really brighten up a room – they can also make a room wet and damp if they leak. Leaks are commonly a result of poor installation and issues with the flashing.

  • How To Prevent The Leak: Make sure that you hire a reputable company to install your skylights. In most cases, replacing the flashing can resolve the issue.

3. Roof Valleys

A final common area for leaks is roof valleys – the point where two areas of your roof come together. Leaks are often a result of old shingles, improperly cut shingles and issues with the flashing.

    • How To Prevent The Leak: Due to the complexity of roof valley leak issues,it is best to call a professional roofing company to assess the issue and repair the leak.

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